My name is Tyler Baumanis and I’m an aspiring late-night television writer. Princeton responded to my application with a free keychain and a letter of rejection, so I’m currently finishing up at the University of Arizona.

Last Week Midweek is a project that I started to give people a laugh in between reading shitty emails and creating shitty spreadsheets. I figured Wednesday is about the time you’ve started to realize that the weekend is painfully far away and reading something entertaining might delay you from quitting your job.

I’m sorry in advance if anything offends you, but I refuse to tell the same cliché jokes that everyone is used to hearing. Thanks for checking out my site and if you would like to contact me I’ve included my email address, facebook name, and twitter handle. (If you wish to do so, please send any death threats via twitter mentions)

Email: tbaumanis@email.arizona.edu

Facebook: Ty Baumanis

Twitter: @TripleTextTips